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Couple's Daily Checklist

Ever wonder why some couples look as if they are best friends while others seem to love to hate each other? Chances are the couples who are best friends implement simple daily strategies to stay emotionally in tune with one another.

Here are some steps for you to take daily to strengthen your connection as a couple:

Express appreciation. Tell your spouse the things that you appreciate about them. Share your gratitude for something they have done. Catch them doing something great and make sure to let them know. We all need to hear when we are doing something right. Be that person for your spouse.

Share a passionate kiss. Kissing that lasts at least six seconds helps us to emotionally bond. This is because feel-good hormones, such as Oxytocin, are released. Kissing each other regularly can help to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Cuddle.  Couples that take time to cuddle have a much better sex life. Cuddling helps couples to increase emotional connection and trust with one another. Cuddling while watching a movie or when going to bed can benefit your relationship in a positive way.

Check-in. Do you know what current stressors are impacting your partner? Setting aside twenty minutes daily to talk with one another about each other's day can increase emotional connection. Remember to just listen and not try to solve your partner's problems. Sometimes all we need is to be heard and understood.

Departures and Reunions. How do you say good-bye to one another? What about how you greet one another when you return home? These are opportunities to be intentional in turning toward one another and cherishing one another.

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